• Are your home heating or cooling costs are too high?
  • Is it cold or drafty by your windows?
  • Would you like to reduce your energy consumption in an easy, environmentally friendly way?
  • Why not insulate your windows?

Acrylic Window Innovations makes the InnerG Window – a lightweight, custom built, removable, highly insulating acrylic window that attaches magnetically to the inside of your existing windows. It is insulation for your windows that fits over any shape, size, style or type of window. The InnerG window can even be used in heritage properties where you can’t do any work on the buildings outside envelope. Traditional storm windows don’t insulate very well, are unattractive and hard to operate. Total window replacement is a daunting proposition involving expense, time, and a lot of construction expertise.

The InnerG window:

  • Pays for itself via its energy savings
  • Controls condensation
  • Are superior insulators to glass windows
  • Provides the best window soundproofing performance available
  • Durable and well built, with a lifetime guarantee
  • Custom made to fit your existing window opening
  • Magnetically attached for installation in minutes
  • Removable in seconds if desired
  • Virtually invisible, shatter resistant, and easy to handle
  • Bring old windows up to modern standards, and make new windows even better.
  • The best interior storm window solution on the market today.