Product Description

The InnerG Window adds a layer of “Glazing” to existing windows. It turns single pane windows into double glazed windows or double glazed windows into triple glazed. It uses a shatter resistant plexiglas pane (a much better insulator than glass) mounted in an innovative PVC magnetic molding. The InnerG window seals air-tightly against the existing window frame and eliminates drafts and air infiltration. The dead air trapped in the air gap between the existing window and the InnerG window inhibits heat transfer and controls condensation. Measured reductions in sound and heat transfer are on the order of 60% or more with properly installed InnerG windows.

Steel l-angles
Screwing in the Steel L-Angle

The InnerG Window easily installs on the inside of an existing window, using a specially designed magnetic molding and a metal L-angle attachment system. The L-angles attach to the existing window framing in a few minutes with simple hand tools:

Cutaway view of InnerG window
Cutaway view of InnerG window

The InnerG Window is built with an innovative 2-part plastic molding product that allows the window to attach magnetically to our mounting frame, while flexing to accommodate expansion and contraction. Here’s a closer look of a cutaway section of the corner of a window to illustrate:

A highly insulative acrylic window pane fits into the molding’s jaws and is held securely, while the magnet allows for easy attachment and removal of the window. The flexible bellows allows for expansion and contraction of the window and also maintains an insulating “air gap” between the InnerGwindow and the original window. Once the InnerG window is installed it will not come loose until you physically remove it for storage.

Snap in the window...
Just snap the magnetic window in place
Installed InnerG window
The InnerG window looks great!

This is the best designed and engineered interior storm window available today. It eliminates air leakage, controls condensation, drastically reduces heat loss, saves you money and makes your home or office environment more comfortable. Call us or one of our dealers to discuss installing this revolutionary product today.