These are a list of the most frequently asked questions that we receive from our customers. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, just call or send us an email and we will get you an answer.

  1. What do they do?
  2. How do they work?
  3. If Acrylic is so good, why aren’t my windows made of it already?
  4. How do I install them?
  5. Do they work in hot weather environments too?
  6. What about soundproofing
  7. How much do they cost?
  8. Can I remove them and open my windows on a nice day?
  9. How do I get them?


What do they do?

The InnerG Window provides a layer of additional “insulation” for your windows. It turns single pane windows into double glazed windows or double glazed windows into triple glazed ones. Additionally, the InnerG window seals air-tightly against the existing window frame and eliminates air infiltration. Measured reductions in sound and heat transfer are often on the order of 60% or more with properly installed InnerG windows.

How do these windows work?

The InnerG window mounts magnetically to a metal strip that is installed inside your existing window opening. You leave your window inplace, and snap in the InnerG window to provide insulation. The dead air trapped in the air gap between the existing window and the InnerG window inhibits heat transfer and controls condensation.It uses a shatter resistant plexiglas pane (a better insulator than glass) mounted in an innovative PVC molding to maximize its insulative value. Since the entire window is made from highly insulative plastic, the window itself provides much greater insulation than aluminum framed windows, or vinyl windows with glass panes.

If acrylic is so good, why aren’t my windows made of it already?

Acrylic is much stronger than glass, and it is also a much better insulator. Acrylic is also available with tinting or UV blocking characteristics for museums and medical applications. The reason it is not in widespread use as a glazing material has to do with its heat expansion properties. Acrylic will expand and contract when heated or cooled, enough that it cannot be permanently affixed in a solid frame. The InnerG window’s innovative molding design allows us to utilise it across a wide range of temperatures and manage the acrylic’s expansion without bowing or frame breakage.

How do I install them?

Normally the windows are installed by an authorised InnerG window dealer. He will accurately measure your window opening and order a custom built InnerG window to suit your application. He will also choose from a number of different mounting options to fit your existing window. The dealer attaches a steel mounting angle around the rim of your window opening, and then installing the window is as easy as snapping the magnets into place. The total installation can be done in less than an hour, with no disruption to your living space whatsoever.

Do they work in hot weather environments?

Depending on your situation, they may work even better in hot environments! All of the energy savings that you notice in cold environments work exactly in reverse for hot climates. The InnerG window will save you approximately the same percentage on your air conditioning bill in heavy cooling environments.

What about soundproofing?

The innovative molding design serves to block sound as well as cold. Sound deadening on the order of 60% is typically measured in noisy areas.

How much do they cost?

They are priced according to size, contact us for a dealer in your area to obtain a quote. The total cost of adding an InnerG window is a fraction of the cost of total window replacement, and you can do it at any time of year with no disruption.

Can I remove them, and open my windows on a nice day?

You can simple snap them out and store them whenever you wish. We also provide a self storing option for sash windows where you can remove the bottom of a two piece split InnerG window and store it magnetically on the top part of the window for a slightly higher price.

How do I get them?

Contact us for a dealer near you.