Form help

Instructions for filling out the Customer Quote form

This field is used to identify where the window is located. Place the physical location of the window in this field – ie Bedroom, Dining Room, etc.

The Innerg window moldings come in chocolate brown and white. Choose your color from the list.

Sill Type
The windows come with two different types of sills, depending on the application. There is no price difference between either choice.
Magnetic sills have magnetic moldings onthe bottom, identical to the moldings on the other 3 sides of the window. Use this choice for when the windows will
be removed infrequently or never removed.
Pad sills come with a plastic handle, and a padded foam underside that seals to the window sill. Choose padded sills if the window is likely to be removed regularly.

This designates the type of steel attachement system required. Our 3/4″ angle is an l-angle that is 3/4″ x 7/8″ and is painted white or brown on both sides
to match the window color.
Steel tape is 3/4″ steel banding with an adhesive weatherstripping backing that can be stuck in place on any flat surface. It is normally used for flush
mount applications or areas where there insufficient clearance to mount l-angles in a window casing.

The actual width of the window opening in inches, to the nearest 1/8″.

Height of the opening in inches to tyhe nearest 1/8″.

The InnerG window comes with numerous glazing choices:
Standard glazing – Used for most applications, and for all traditional thermal applications. It is 1/8 inch thick, utility grade virgin acrylic that is extremely clear,
shatterproof, and is an excellent insulator. It also blocks more than 89% of incoming UV rays, better than most traditional glass windows.
Additional charges apply for the following glazings:
UV blocking glazing – A “museum quality” glazing that blocks more than 99% of incoming UV rays and is used to protect furniture, paintings, etc.
Tinted – Bronze tinted 1/8 inch acrylic glazing. Blocks out approximately 55% of the solar heat gain form as compared to clear glass windows. This is often
used in commercial building with large amounts of glass exposure, and residential homes with south facing windows in warmer climates.
1/4 inch acrylic – Double thickness acrylic used for the best soundproofing performance. Provides significantly better soundproofing than 1/8 inch acrylic,
especially in the lower frequency ranges.

The InnerG window comes with multiple configuration options:
Standard – Single pane window installation, rectangular in shape.
Additional charges apply for the following configurations:
Arch – Radius arches, or any other type of curved window.
Split – A 2-piece window, designed for installation over an operable single or double-hung window. Consists of 2-piece unit and a set of clips that allows
the lower window to be stored on the face of the upper window when it is not in use. This allows for easy access to the operable window.

Measurement form
If you have unusual or irregular windows, or if you would rather work with a paper copy of a form, The InnerG measurement sheet is
available in PDF format for download here. Print it out, enter
all of your window measurements into it and then email or fax it to us when you are ready to order your windows.