Product Options

The InnerG window offers a number of different options in configuration and glazing to meet your specific needs.

Glazings: Different types of acrylic are available for different applications.

  • Standard: 1/8″ thick standard acrylic glazing. Lightweight, shatterproof, and guaranteed 10 years against yellowing, this is the normal glazing we use for thermal applications.
  • 1/4″ Inch: This is a thicker, heavier acrylic pane that is used mainly for sound control. Its additional weight makes it ideally suited for deadening incoming noise. Thermal performance is similar to standard 1/8″ acrylic, but sound performance is improved.
  • UV Blocking: Museum quality acrylic that blocks %99.9 of incoming UV light rays to protect curtains, carpets, tapestries, furniture, and for medical applications. Standard acrylic blocks approximately %90 of the UV spectrum (similar to glass), so use this for special applications where total UV protection is required.
  • Tinted: Dark brown tinted acrylic is available and is used to manage solar heat gain, as well as provide a level of privacy for floor level windows.


  • Standard: A single pane InnerG window that installs in one piece into a window unit. Easy to handle and highly insulating.
  • Split: A 2-piece InnerG window designed for installation over double hung operable window units. Allows you to remove the bottom half of the InnerG window to allow access to the prime window.
  • Arch/Irregular: We can fabricate virtually any shape that you can imagine, and arch windows as well as triangles and hexagons are very common.